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Reiki and Balance = Well Being

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

"Reiki - Calms the mind. Empowers the soul. Fills the heart with compassion..." James Deacon

I am so proud to be a Reiki Practitioner and to share the benefits of Reiki with all of you. Since 2007 over 1.2 million people in the United States have turned to Reiki and many hospitals are offering Reiki to their patients. Those numbers keep growing by the many advocates who lament how Reiki has treated their conditions and their emotional stress. The flow of energy is improved and enables relaxation, reduces pain, speeds healing and many other benefits. I also offer meditation techniques that will help you wherever you are. (Talk soon).

I've been away for awhile and only because I've been busy which is a good thing, nothing serious! I've been busy offering the healing effects of Reiki sessions to various people.

What I have been concentrating on is opening up Chakras. What are Chakras, you ask? There are seven and think of them as pathways that promote harmony between the mind, spirit and body. In order from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head they are; the Root Chakra, The Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and the Crown Chakra all magical in their own way. Each one has a different color and a different element. For example the Root Chakra is the color red and is the earth element responsible for our stability in life. The Root Chakra includes our emotional need of being connected and being fearless. When the Root Chakra is blocked we may have a tendency to feel disconnected socially and emotionally. This is what I have been working on and it's so exciting! As a Reiki practitioner I am concentrating on opening up any of your blocked chakras! Ask me any questions about any of the chakras and I'll be happy to answer them for you. That's it for now as I am going to leave you to meditate - Namaste.

I hope to be back sooner than the last time. Until then you are special, you are awesome and you are enough!

Recently finished the Advanced Course in MIndfulness Meditation and wondering what else could I learn, the course was fantastic! More breathing techniques and Mindfulness activities, mantras and mundras were all a part of the experience and I am so glad I was a part of this. I am looking forward to being able to pass more of this to my wonderful clients.

Remember how important self-care is and how important you are. You are awesome! You are loved!

I'm so excited to tell you that I am facilitating a workshop for some of my wonderful amazing colleagues on Mindfulness Meditation that is named Healthy Living. I'm so excited to get them on board on this wonderful journey. They are incredible people and I want the best for them. During Workshop Two I will enlighten them on Reiki and all of its advantages. It is no doubt when you have a session you leave feeling extremely calm and well balanced. After it is important to be Mindful and to Meditate - I will give you tips for both of those. Remember, Meditation is not magical it is practical as I often say.

Be Mindful by listening to the sounds around you whenever you can. During a stressful time STOP and just take a minute - one minute to listen to what is around you or to feel your feet on the floor. When you are not stressed do the same thing - take a moment to listen to feel and to just be aware without judgment without wishing it was different. Just by doing that you are shrinking the gray matter and increasing the thickness of the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) and that's what you want. When the PFC is thin that's when stress and anxiety becomes pronounced leading to you not feeling or doing so well. So be Mindful, Meditate and have a Reiki session to feel the benefits that you deserve. You deserve self-care! As a Life Coach I will also help you with nutrition and give you information you need on the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation. You are important! You are awesome! You are loved! Namaste

Continuing this holistic journey I have something wonderful to share with you. I am expanding and as a Life Coach I will give more helpful tips on how to manage life stresses that can come your way. During a Reiki session I work to open up the Chakras which play an important part in our alignment. When our Chakras are closed we are not in alignment and that causes so many ailments from indigestion problems, constipation (yes I know), neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, stress, anxiety and so much more. As a Life Coach I will give you tips on how to work on keeping certain Chakras open that may be closed, what exactly is the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation and little things you can do during your day to help you. Also, what should you be doing to get a good night's sleep? I'll let you know. Of course turn of all the PED (personal electronic devices) at least a half hour before you turn in but there's something else you should be doing. Let me know if you're interested. Start this holistic journey and see how wonderful it is! I'm here for you. Namaste

How have you been feeling? How was the New Year for you? Did you make goals? Did you make a resolution? Do we always need to? No, we don't. And experts say that the best time to make a resolution is usually in the month of March. That's because a large percentage of people (over 50%) will break their resolution by mid January and by March people are in need of a focus.

I always focus on small goals, or to keep up what I have been doing with maybe some improvement. For me - it's to continue to meditate and self Reiki which is so important. As a Reiki practitioner I am seeing the changes in so many of my clients. They give themselves an affirmation each morning and you can too. A simple affirmation like "I am going to have a great day!" "I am a good mother!" "I am a good wife, sister, brother, niece, nephew, student...." You decide. How about "I am a good person, listener, friend......" "I have great eyes, hair, figure..." Saying your affirmation each morning, the same one or a different one or choose three will be amazing - watch how you days become.

Ever think about having a Reiki session? It will definitely be worth it! But don't take my word for it, come and see for yourself. Make that your goal - your focus - to treat yourself because you definitely DESERVE Self-Care!

Remember not to give up on meditating. Meditating is for everyone! Meditating can do so much for you! Meditation is the key to becoming who we are. When you have a Reiki session and I focus on opening up your chakras - you will be given valuable tips on the do's and don't's of meditating and also how to be mindful. Hope to see you in the New Year! Namaste

April, 2020

It was a very good beginning to the New Year but now where are we all at? COVID-19 has us all practicing physical distancing, going one way in a grocery store, markers signalling 6 feet apart, staying home, home schooling, etc. Going to the grocery store is a real effort and can be scary. Wiping down all your groceries even before entering the house, washing our hands until they are raw but we all need to do our part. My wish for all of you is health and peace always! I am grateful for the roof over my head, food in the refrigerator and able to exercise and of course meditating everyday! On a personal note, my husband has elderly clients so I make extra dinners and baked goods to drop off on their front steps. It makes me feel good.

In case you did not know I do distant Reiki which is amazing - just as if you were with me. Most times we set up the appointment, you lie down, set your timer for an hour and get up feeling amazing. Other times I do distant Reiki during the day when you are doing something else; however, that is not preferred.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! And you know the rest, wash your hands!


November, 2020

Has it really been this long? Depending on where you are we are now heading into our colder season. Our colder season filled with holidays but just how will they look this year? Still filled with love and reflection.

Take a moment every day even during these tumultuous times to think about or jot down what you are grateful for. I know we can all find something. Maybe working from home has helped you in some ways. Maybe you have recently connected with someone from awhile ago. Being grateful helps in so many ways. Feel more positive can energize us even to do simple tasks. Take a moment to think of 3 things you are grateful for. Try and have a gratitude journal and write in it every day 3 things you are grateful for - I know we can find 3 things. Do this for a week and let me know how it went.

My Best to You!


Are you ready! Are you excited?

Let's begin with the positives! We were still able to stay in touch with our loved ones! We were still able to watch our shows on TV. We were still able to exercise; albeit maybe not exactly as we were used to and maybe had to discipline ourselves a little bit more. We probably learned more about ourselves and what we are capable of; not as technology challenged as we thought we were, we are strong and can get through the really difficult times. AND why don't we leave it at that. Is there really any reason to go into the not so good? We all know what they are and we definitely don't need to remind ourselves. We do need to keep reminding ourselves how awesome and amazing we are and we do need to continue to give ourselves self love! YOU ARE AWESOME! YOU ARE AMAZING!

This year in 2021 let's make one person happy each day and you should start with you! Maybe you'll make two people happy each day - you and then someone else. Love this idea? Me too! And. I'm. On. It.

Remember to give your mind a break and take some deep breaths and relax. You may also want to give yourself a treat by having a Reiki treatment that will calm you and help you to focus and be the best you!

Most of us always have good intentions with our New Years Resolutions - I say begin small and maybe begin on the Monday that follows or maybe you'll unwind a bit and then begin with a gratitude journal or get back into writing in your gratitude journal. Wait - just thought of a great idea - give someone a gratitude journal of their own - such a nice thing for you to do! Whatever your good intentions are - start small and if at first your don't succeed try try again - you've all heard that before and it is so true! You are only letting yourself down if you don't try again and before you know it you've done it! You've gone for a walk, you've reached out to the person you have been meaning to, you read the book that has been lying around...

Whatever it is - keep heading towards it and you will get there. Self love and self care are so important! You can't get there without them. Namaste

Wednesday, 4.21.21 and spring is in the air (just had to).

The weather may not feel like spring in some areas but we will get there! Add optimism to your list of self-care maintenance. I find it is healthier and easier to be optimistic. It took me a journey to get there and I'm so glad I did. Self-care is so important and it is amazing what it can do for you. Whether you take a walk, a few minutes of meditation, zoom with a friend(s), go for a drive, gratitude journal and so much more.

So how is everyone? We are a year plus into the pandemic and I hope everyone is feeling a bit more hopeful! We will return to our long ago "normal" but as far as I can see for the most part we are handling our new "normal" the best way we can. As always I am here for you to give you meditation tips and techniques for you, family, friends.... Of course having a Reiki session and opening up your Chakras gets you balanced and leaves you feeling calm. Remember even when you are in a good place you need self-care to maintain your health and emotional well being. So where ever you are in your life - take care of you! This doesn't have to be hours (although that would be great if you had the time) but minutes and a continuation - a little something everyday and you'll feel the shift. That wonderful shift! I am here to help so reach out to me!

I am also hopeful that during this pandemic we have all learned a little something whether that is about ourselves or others - there is something to be learned (always!). We have strength where we never thought we did. Be hopeful, honest, curious and kind. Namaste.

Monday, 6.28.21

Summer is here and it is already the end of June - but we don't care because we plan on enjoying every moment; whether that is in the work place, home with children, taking summer classes and more we are not going to think about time passing before us as people often do. What does that do for us? Really - absolutely nothing so why not enjoy each day! Wake up and take a deep breath and remember to say something positive! Something positive about the day - it is going to be a great one! I am ready for to face the day! And how about saying something positive about you! You have a great smile! You do so say it! You are beautiful! You are so say it! You are loved! You are so say it!

I just finished reading I Am Enough by Marisa Peer recommended by my daughter, Carolyn, that speaks to the message that you are enough and when you recognize that you are enough everyone around you will too. This book is designed to increase your own sense of self worth and I highly recommend it.

The new book I am reading is Breath by James Nestor recommended by my son, Clint. The art of breathing and remember it ALL has to do with our breath so remember to take deep breaths in and out for at least one minute a day. When you retire for the night, when you wake up in the morning, take a break during the day to breathe and feel your breath. At a red light - take a deep breath. Breathe and recognize that you are enough!

You are wonderful as you. Breathe. You are enough. Namaste

Wednesday, 7.28.21

It has been about a month since we have spoken and can you believe COVID cases are on the rise? Looks like some areas are back to wearing masks indoors even if fully vaccinated, and as frustrating as this all is I know we will all do what needs to be done. With that being said I have some great news! I am expanding my business that will now consist of Life Coach sessions. We will work together to bridge the gap between your current circumstances and the life you would like to lead. A more satisfying work life, better relationships, improved communication skills and more. AND you can have a hybrid session of Reiki and a Life Coach session. Can you imagine coming out of a thirty minute Reiki session feeling relaxed and calm with many of your Chakras opened giving you a better perspective to discuss a relationship(s), work, specific goals, etc.? Whatever you decide - your circumstances will improve. With Reiki I work on opening up your Chakras so you can put your best foot forward and Life Coach sessions will keep you focused on your needs with instructional guidelines. Whatever you decide, in the meantime if you haven't begun with a 5 minute daily mediation begin now! If you have continue and try to increase to 10 minutes daily.

I am so excited about the addition of Life Coach sessions! You begin with a free 15 minute consultation, tell me what is going on and I'll let you know my thoughts it's that easy! Namaste

Tuesday, 10.20.21

Has it really been this long? Our summer months have passed and we are into fall! Football, apple pies, foliage and the fall feel. Of course this is only good if you like football and apple pies, foliage and the fall feel. I have to admit I like it all! I will miss that warm weather soon enough but I always embrace the change!

I want to remind you that I am expanding beyond Reiki and offering my services as a holistic relationship, health and wellness life coach. While helping you to achieve your goal(s) the mind, body and spirit will be awakened much like Reiki. Combining the two is very powerful and I want this for you! Become the person you want to be! There has been so much success with this and you can achieve this as well! Remember your free phone consultation so what are you waiting for? Give me a call - and let's begin. You can combine your appointment with a Reiki session followed by a life coach session. I'm excited for you! See you soon!

Take a look around at all the beautiful colors that are transforming before our very eyes and take a minute to slow down your breath and focus on you! You are awesome! Namaste

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Tuesday, 4.19.22

A lot has happened in the world and I am sure with all of you.  Maybe some have been married, had babies, became grandparents and more.  Noticing how I am focusing on the good and not on the not so good.  It's how I choose to live my life.  And Yes and Yes and Yes we all have bad days!  We all go through tough times that can last and last.  And that's where I come in - as your life coach I will work with you to free you of always thinking of the turmoil and more on how to get through it.  Focusing on nutrition and healthy living are key points.  You may not think so right now but it is amazing how your life can be turned around.  Will it happen over night?  Probably not!  But it will happen!  Work with me to improve your situation and also get that Reiki session that will help you get balanced.  In this New Year and years to come have the life you want and need - let the real you shine through!  You are already good enough you just may not be feeling it and may not know how to manage it.  

Namaste 2

Wednesday, 4.20.22

Throughout this journey we are all on let's not to forget to exercise.  I know!  One more thing!  Meditate!  Have Reiki Sessions!  Eat healthy!  Get enough sleep!  And don't forget to exercise!  How do I find time to work?  Clean?  Have fun?  Socialize?  Relax?  I hear you loud and clear!  I was the same way until I discovered a little each day a little each week and incorporating a Reiki session once a month works wonders!  My advice is to mediate every day - yes that is something you should do every day!  Five minutes, three minutes, twenty minutes whatever the particular day allows you.  Incorporate exercise 3-4 times a week or as much as a certain week allows.  Enjoy a Reiki session at least once a month to feel balanced and have your Chakras opened so the energy body interacts well with the physical body.  Eat 90/10 during the week -ninety percent healthy and ten percent not so healthy.  Eat 80/20 on the weekends.  Eighty percent healthy and twenty percent not so healthy.  And if you go in the opposite direction and you find yourself eating more processed food and not exercising a certain week - do not get frustrated!  You'll get back on the healthy train!  Feel the best you!  Look the best you!  Be the best you!  This can all be achieved we just need to start slow and then it becomes a way of life!  And best of all I'm here to help you!


Thursday, 4.21.22

I just made the most delicious green juice that I have to share with you.  For many of you who already know me you know that green juice is part of my daily routine - strictly alkaline speaking.  BUT this green juice has fewer ingredients and is deliciously amazing!  What's great about this is that there is no chopping just tear everything up and put it in a blender.  I use to add coconut water every now and then but with prices rising I use water and it's just as good.  If you want to add the coconut water absolutely.  Since I am a kale lover I always use kale but you can use spinach or any other green leafy vegetable.  I add water to a blender about a cup and a half depending on much green juice I am making.  I buy frozen kale since the fresh kale I have been seeing looks as if its been around the block and the price is up there.  Frozen vegetables are so nutritious!  Defrost the kale, wrap in paper towels or a clean kitchen towel and ring the heck out of it - you'll see the water drain off.  Add the kale to your blender, tear a bunch of parsley with the stems and add to the blender, add chia seeds (if you have them), a touch of cinnamon to add some sweetness, tumeric for those achy joints and to prevent achy joints and anything else you would like to add such as collagen powder, flax seeds, MCT oil for brain health, etc.  Add honey, stevia or I use agave about 3 tablespoons and blend away.  What you have is a delicious alkaline based green juice that your organs and cells will love and that will make you very happy.  I like mine cold so I let it sit in the refrigerator for awhile.  If you would like it thicker add an avocado that is also a gut healthy nutritious source of anti inflammation and the good good fat!  Drink and enjoy!  Remember you can always switch this up with your greens, add frozen berries, yogurt, cinnamon, chia seeds, flax seeds, collagen powder, MCT oil and that is also nutritious and delicious it's more acid based than alkaline based and we all need the alkaline.  Yet it is the good acid!

Remember to meditate and how much time do you have today!  Three minutes?  Twenty?  Ten? Five?  Do it!


Friday, 4.22.22

Where ever you are in life I'm here to tell you that meditating, when done consistently, can make a difference in your life.  Just like exercising when you start to see changes and when you eat nutritious foods and when you get a good night's sleep, meditating re-wires your brain so you think better your reactions are better your flight or fight responses are in sync with each other.  And you know what else is sooooo beneficial?  Reiki sessions!  Opening up your Chakras accompanied with meditation is a reward you can achieve!  The amazing benefits are felt by so many people.  I will give you tips and techniques that you can achieve and that will work for your lifestyle.  Self-care is so important so you can be the best for yourself and for others, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY!  You are worth it!  Namaste 

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